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They are "selling" USA Green cards!!!
This phone number is signed as Patty Mack
They phone but no one speaks
Calls daily Doesn’t leave msg On do not call registry
They call twice a day and hang up after you answer.
Will reduce my credit card rate. Yeah, right
Named Derek Greene used this number to scam people.
Got a call from this number on Feb.28, 2019. From Chicago. It was 3:38pm. I missed the call...that is all I know. Cannot find more. I don't know who would call me.
These people called my number twice about a property in Lauderdale Florida whose owner is a stranger to me. I called them back and threatened to report them to the State of Florida because they won’t tell me the name of the company. They hung up. when I called them back several times but then they hung up.


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