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Got a pre-recorded message about a driving job opportunity. Called back and it was a different recording. It listens to your questions and answers them, but hangs up on you if you mess around with it
He is a 420
The given phone number is signed as Harrison.
The given phone number is signed as Vasko/
Devin Smith related to Gretchen Smith stole from me.. please helps
Why are you keep calling me?
This number was supplied to me from Supposedly to help me get some info on a military doctor surgeon requesting leave .. sounds like a scam
Spam #

I want to know who is he? He told me he is a solider U.S
Want to know who this is
Received a full screen notification on my pc WARNING call +18883461617 immediately. Micro Soft warning you computer will be infected with a virus if you do not call within 5 minutes. ,Or call the above number for help. SCAM SCAM do not call.
Este es un fraude esta persona ofrece prestamo de dinero a cambio de que le envien un dinero para tramites de papeleria yo no he solicitado prestamo me está molestando
Este numero me a estado llamando ofreciendome un prestamo a cambio de que le deposite una cierta cantida de dinero para tramites, cosa que yo nunca he solicitado prestamo y no lo necesito
The owner of this phone number is William Haller.
I want to know the owner of this phone number
The given phone number is signed as Stonebowy.
I would like to know who this number belongs to
The given phone number is signed as Vvijayan.


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