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Please, help me to register sa TraderMoni aku Agent in Nigeria, Sent me ID /password, this is my Gmail for contacting me,,my phone number number is, 09028074545
This was a spoofed number that called my cell telling me I'd won a free trip to Mexico and had to attend a timeshare presentation.
is some girl who started talking to me just trying to figure out who am talking to
This phone number is a total fake! Obviously with the 912-"0"---- Report report report! +19120654466 - fake/scam!
Got three times call in 1 hour from this number. didn't received
Person or people call and never leave a message and even with blocking there number they call several times aday dome times for or five times in a row
+17344301396 this number owner name Filip Gomez and I think they are in a group and scam people
This phone number is signed as Firdose T
Received call from them stating they were going to refund 340.00 that I paid to use Microsoft server that is no longer available. Stated I paid this amount two years ago by credit card. NO I DID NOT!!!!. Wanted me to fire up windows and punch in control, alt and number I do not remember to confirm my account and they would refund the money. Anybody out there had same problem. I feel it is a scam and either want access to my computer or is money laundering. That is only what I feel and think.

received call from this number at 1215 today. No message left.
same here this person just texted me wanting to pay me $400 to purchase a gift card. Its a scam !!!!
I'm pretty sure this a scammer. Don't trust this number.
Clames to be a identity Protection Tech. Tries to pressure you into coming to your home to clear up infected PC. Once you decline his offer, he then steals all of your accounts, and infects your home network. STAY AWAY. Quitzon-Rempel, 4939 Dillon Islands Gerhardstad, WY 22130-5982. 877-652-9826.
Advised they were turning off our electric, claiming to be PECO.
This guy first infects your computer, then calls you to urgently try to get you to have him come out for 300.00 and fix it. When you refuse, he will wipe your computer, and your bank accounts, and even your paypal balances. This thug should use his talents for good, instead of destroying retired folks lives. Searches on the web, I have found the following info: Quitzon-Rempel, 4939 Dillon Islands Gerhardstad, WY 22130-5982. 877-652-9826.
purchasing and selling different items
This phone number is signed as Stephanie Sparks


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