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Someone from this number called my phone looking for a family member of mine stating it was a legal matter and that a complaint was issued against them and to have them call ASAP or further action would be taken. Called the number back and no answer. Then looked the number up and see that it’s some sort of scam!
I've been hacked. My phone was stolen and they are using this google number.
I want to recove this number
Robo call...asks if you want to join "conference call"...I hung up !!
Scam, threatening me saying that I will go to jail for fraud. over a debt over 6 years old. The voice mail Stephanie Phillips contacting you with State fraud department. It's in regards to three fraudulent complaints attached to your social. Please press one to speak with an investigator and understand that filling to comply and will result in to immediate illegal action. You will be served either at your home or place of employment. If you have any further questions contact your planktos at 833-238-6598, and you have been legally notified
This phone number is signed as Social Security (Us Govt Soc Sec)
This phone number is signed as Knisley Paul
This phone number is signed as Charleen Hins -

This phone number is signed as Devid Estar
This phone number is signed as Exl Brad Baker
I believe this phone number is a Scam this lady Lori Sanugant she’s asked lots of personal information about my family ect then hung up and when i called her back she doesn’t respond Sooo... it’s Definitely a Scam
Multiple phone calls in the middle of the night
Scam the said they are from Social Security office
Apparently I need to call this number because the IRS has issued a warrant for my arrest because of tax evasion..... Ya right
This is a scammer! Beware
It does appear to be two people, robo call saying the are a processing department, and that they have two orders. Call themselves in house processing. They will use your name two, beauty of there being so many security breaches of late and the darknet I assume. They like to cuss you out if you don't believe them
Keeps calling all day long morning noon and evening when picked up here voices talking talking, didnt ans hung up. Name was Trevor Mayfield calling.
Say they from social security administration


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