Phone number in Salt Lake City Utah



Satan Claus
Some users have signed this phone number as "Phishing".
My phoned was stolen in Buenos Ayres, I received a message from this number a few months later stating my it had been found and asking me to click on a link! Don’t trust it!
Me llegó un mensaje de este número que habian localizado mi iphone con un link . es mentira! tratan de sacar los datos para reactivar el telefono que es perdido o robado. TENGAN CUIDADO NO DEN DATOS
My phone got robed in Tulum Mexico. One week later I got a message from this number stating that my Iphone had been located and to follow the instructions on the website. I did not open the link. They probably tried to access my icloud in order to be able to use my phone. Malditos!
dolandırıcılar sakın dikkate almayın. icloud hack lemek için kullanılıyor.
a mi tambien me llego un mensaje diciendo que localizaron mi iphone que fue robado hace un tiempo,ES UNA MENTIRA EL MENSAJE
This phone number is signed as Span
me llego un mensaje de este número, que se había localizado mi iPhone, informando una página que no lleva a ningún lado.-

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